the game

paper/mirror is a cooperative, gesture-based game where 2-4 players play as humans and robots, communicating in a special way to craft mysterious structures.

Humans get a series of diagrams and use just their hands to motion to the robots what to build. Robot players mirror the human hand movements to assemble the materials, trying to interpret where things are going.

While the human players can talk to each other and strategize, the robot players listen to music and work in their own sound bubble.

Experience how simple everyday operations with paper, scissors, pen and tape suddenly become foreign and playful again!


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With the tutorial, you can learn the game's rules together and try out how it feels to be a human or a robot.

To play this or any of the other editions, download the PDF and print it on thick paper in A5 or A6 format. Then fold all the cards in the middle so they stand up, stack them on top of each other and reveal them one by one.

We release these PDFs under a CC-BY-NC license. You are free to download, share and remix the game for non-commercial purposes, as long as you give credit to us.

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Basic Levels

A set of paper/mirror missions exploring different techniques and tools, with rising difficulty from easy to pretty tricky.

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A complex sci-fi scenario where all steps build onto each other. You will switch roles between human and robot multiple times during the scenario. Playable in around 30 minutes.

We developed this extension for a conference by IG Metall.


Sebastian Quack

Sebastian Quack as an artist, game designer and curator. He is a founder of the Invisible Playground network, curates Playpublik, an international festival for playful public spaces, and organises Drift Club, a platform for random musical walks through the city.

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Axel Watzke

Axel Watzke is co-founder of design studio He studied communication design at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art and was a master-class student under Prof. Alex Jordan. In 2005 he founded with Christian Lagé and Steffen Schuhmann.

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If you have questions about the game or would like us to help you run paper/mirror at an event, drop us a line at

paper/mirror was created as part of LABOURGAMES